Mary Beth Wilhelm planetary science & astrobiology PhD Student, NSF Graduate Fellow & NASA Civil Servant

Mary Beth Wilhelm

About Me

I work in the Planetary Science Branch at NASA Ames Research Center and recently graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Earth Sciences and a concentration in Planetary Science and Geobiology. At Cornell, I was the Science Team Project Manager for the Violet Satellite Project and completed a thesis studying modern day stromatolites.

I have been working at NASA Ames since I was 16 years old and have participated in many projects, studying Martian gullies, extremophiles in the Mojave and San Rafael Deserts, crater ejecta on Mars, and microbialites in Pavilion Lake.

I have a passion for NASA, geology, astrobiology, exploration, science policy and public outreach/science communication. In fall 2012, I started my PhD in Geological and Planetary Sciences at Georgia Tech studying the geology of ancient Mars and the  preservation of chemical biomarkers in terrestrial Mars analog environments such as the Atacama Desert.